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kitscheartache: fuckyeahthebeatles: Lucy Vodden, the childhood friend of Julian Lennon and the inspiration for the song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” has died from lupus in London at the age of just 46 according to the Associated Press. Vodden became the inspiration for the track when the then four-year-old Julian came home one day … Continue reading

chupetaexplosiva: arseniccupcakes: whiskersonkittens: cheryllovesmoresushi: shahidoodah: electricalgloom: arseniccupcakes: sugarcreamcandy: haisen: 2007-10-21 - Kyoto - Crazy Parfait (via NursiePoo) 関西のパフェは狂ってる印象が強い Oh holy! O___O/ Nice! Helado~