Dear USA

Dear USA,

This is a Hearing, not a criminal investigation. I feel the FBI should look into this as part of his FBI Background Check for the position (after all what’s wrong with an addendum). Should he be held to a higher standard? Hell yes! I feel if it happened We The People have the right to know because he would have NO right to enter the SCOTUS. If it didn’t then shame on her and the rest of us can go about our business.

I’m part of the #MeToo movement because the same behaviour has happened to me both before and after the age of 18. A couple of times penetration occurred. Did I ever come forward with it? No, I did not and for many different reasons. Did I dress provocatively? Did I get drunk or high?

Do you imagine that women during the Victorian Era and Prohibition were never raped? I dressed in the norm of the time and tried to quash the pain I was in. If you want to shame me or blame me then here’s a Big Fuck You with your name on it.


Sheila Morrison


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