The Right to Protest

This was copied from my comment on a Facebook post;

Sorry ________, I was born in ’61 so cannot apologise to you for injustices given because I wasn’t there. Somehow you must have missed the copious outrage as flags were burnt, bonespurs claimed and Dodgers who dared to think for themselves had to run from the law in order to do so.
In this magnificent country where those who object are allowed to. Where we who dare to think for ourselves can do so and can protest protected by our own Constitution.
I appreciate and applaud you and all Veterans who and protect. I am the daughter and granddaughter of Veterans and proudly so, especially with my disabilities which preclude any ability to do so myself.
I am also very greatful for the freedom to disagree with many out there, including the President. I would gladly take the knee with Collin were I physically able. One thing I can do is protest loudly with my voice and words.
I see a man who disgraces the position he holds. Who lines his pockets from that position and sows dissent among the people of the Nation he SWORE TO PROTECT. He has also sworn toPROTECT AND DEFEND the Constitution, which is the foundation of our laws that he breaks with impunity as it suits him.
What he holds nearest and dearest are the purse strings of the country.
What has he given this nation? His bonespurs. His racism. His permission to the police to raise the baton. His underlings to take a motorcade to the 100th anniversary of the end of the first world war to honor the war dead. The Veterans, just like you.


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